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Why Choose Us?

Choose Premier Community Bank because we appreciate your business, and treat you accordingly. When you bank with us, you’ll develop relationships with the people who work here. Many of our bankers have been onboard since day one, and they stay because we treat our employees with the same respect and consideration that we extend to our clients. You’ll be able to contact people directly and get answers when you need them without navigating a frustrating automated phone system only to reach a dead end.

At Premier Community Bank, we bring together the best of both worlds – outstanding personal service, from the days when most banks were local banks; along with the convenience and security of modern banking technology. The difference at Premier Community Bank is that our people are your frontline contact, and technology is used to support them.

When making your decision, consider the greater good that comes from doing business with a local bank. Your deposits at Premier Community Bank fuel loans for local business development and non-profit expansion. As these loans are granted, businesses grow, jobs are created, and there is increased demand for housing, goods and services. All of these outcomes work to keep dollars circulating in our communities instead of going somewhere else.

Premier Community Bank was founded by local leaders to provide a full-service community bank for Washington County and surrounding areas. Our employees, management and directors are your neighbors. They share a heightened sense of responsibility to the community and are dedicated to its success.

For experienced bankers who haven’t forgotten the value of service, or the value of the client, choose Premier Community Bank. Please visit one of our offices, or just give us a call. We’d love to be your bank.