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Real Estate

Whether you build 100 homes a year or just a few, Premier Community Bank can help you get the job done. As a residential builder or developer you need a bank with experience that is dedicated to understanding your lending needs and customizing solutions to suit them. Our lending team understands the residential construction and development business and can assist you in the following areas.

  • Construction of single-family homes
    • Financing for speculation homes (homes without a guaranteed sale upon completion)
    • Loans made to builders to finance pre-sold homes
  • Construction of town homes and condominiums
  • Acquisition and development Loans
    • Land acquisition for the development of single family residence subdivisions
    • Lot loans
    • Land holding loans
    • Raw land for future development (builder's inventory)
  • Operating accounts and advance accounts for all projects

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To learn more, contact our residential construction lending representative:


Regina Micheline
Regina Micheline