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Premier Community Bank actively participates in the local manufacturing industry and has developed strong partnerships with some of the area’s key players. We understand the issues you face: uncertain financing costs, high prices for raw materials, overseas competition and ongoing volatility in the demand for products. If you’re looking for an experienced, accessible local banker who understands manufacturing, let us help you navigate these uncertain waters. Our team combines practical experience and industry knowledge to provide solutions that benefit you.

Our bank can assist you with:

  • Lines of credit, including asset-based loans for working capital
  • Term loans for a variety of fixed assets, including real estate and equipment
  • Loans for mergers and acquisitions
  • Operating accounts
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Merchant services
  • Letters of credit
  • Business-to-business transactions

To learn more, contact a representative on our relationship specialist banking team:


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Malcolm Hodge

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Greg Oakes

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